photo de présentation de linda champenois
photo de présentation de linda champenois

crédit photos : Céline Chan


We are creating a decoration at your own image, which looks like you.

As we begin to know you, we conceive, tailor-made, the decoration of your event close to your wishes.

A unique event, has to be up to your happiness

Our values :

Attention to Detail, Well-done Job, Respect

linda champenois se présente dans son à propos pour illustrer son expérience et ses valeurs

crédit photos : Céline Chan 

Linda Champenois – Founder

Since 2010, Linda distinguish herself by her strictness on detail for a creativity up to your amazing days.
Her artistic signature :The sophisticated elegance in simplicity.

Linda is keen by the creation of beautiful things, the harmony and the well-being through decoration and she takes inspiration in your love story to sublimate your event.

Thanks to her experience, Linda became a consultant in wedding field and accompany several professionals in the achievement of their projects and help them reach their goals.

She also teaches different subjects for Wedding Designer and Wedding Planner formations.

Linda Champenois – Wedding Designer & Floral Designer